Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involves strategic management, corporate finance and the management of buying, selling, dividing and joining enterprises of all kinds. These activities have the ability to stimulate a company's growth without having to establish branch offices or investing in joint ventures. Because it aims to reorganize an entity with the purpose of increasing its growth, M&A can be defined as a restructuring process.

Our experienced consultants are professionals with a vast knowledge of corporate finance and investments: they identify suitable domestic and foreign targets, complete the transaction in a timely manner, solve all upcoming challenges, and always stay one step ahead of the competition. From the very beginning of defining the strategy to the successful closing of the transaction, we advise our clients throughout all phases of the M&A process. We conduct valuations and manage business processes to ensure a timely and successful completion of the transaction with an added value for each one of our clients. Thanks to our numerous contacts, we also have the ability to identify and individually reach out to owners on a local level. We specialize in acquisitions in the region and hold many years of experience in various business sectors.

Market analysis and business sector analysis
Financial modeling
Strategic transaction management
Negotiation holding
Guaranteed financing of transaction
Coordination of legal and tax consultants
Target identification
Post-Acquisition Execution